‘The pace of approval of this plan has been quite rapid, and it is clear that it is being fast-tracked’

For some history to the planning application for the military college on the Mount of Olives, see Terrestrial Jerusalem.

‘The plans involves the construction of an 8-story structure, 5 stories of which will be built into the ridge, with 41,480 square meters of built up space.  Back on July 2, 2012, the Regional Planning Committee took up Town Plan 51870 and adopted a decision to deposit the plan for public review; we have been awaiting/anticipating its deposit ever since.  As a reminder: once the plan was referred to the Regional Planning Committee by the Jerusalem Municipal Planning Committee (back in April), the Regional Planning Committee had the option of rejecting the plan, demanding amendments, or approving it for public review.  The Regional Planning Committee operates under the framework of the Interior Ministry and is composed largely of representatives of various government ministries, meaning that the Government of Israel’s position nearly always prevails within the committee.  All of which points to the fact that this plan could not have moved forward unless the Netanyahu government wanted it to’, according to Terrestrial Jerusalem.

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