Why people are signing

Here are some of the reasons people have given for putting their names to our petition to reject plans for a military college on the Mount of Olives:

‘This is a place where people put their hope in God, not guns.’

‘This site is sacred to humanity; it is of significance beyond any military or secular strategic worth.’

‘The Mount of Olives was the site of Jesus’ arrest. Jesus was a Jew, who stood alongside all those who hunger for peace and righteousness. He spoke against oppression and religious hyprocrisy. The Mount of Olives is important for Christians, Jews, Muslims, Bahais and others. The establishment of a military base there, by any army or government, is a provactive act that will undermine efforts to build peace and reconciliation.’

‘Because of the importance of the Mount of Olives as a holy place but also because because of its position in a very sensitive area which will not help the cause of peace.’

‘I believe that the greatest peacemaker of all time, Jesus, decided to make the ultimate sacrifice of his life while praying on the Mount of Olives. It seems totally inappropriate to use this site in order to train people for war.’

A reminder that you can sign the petition here.

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