Christians encouraged to stand up against military college on the Mount of Olives

In recent days statements of support have been published by the Fellowship of Reconciliation (England), the Methodist Peace Fellowship, the Baptist Peace Fellowship and the United Reformed Church Peace Fellowship in the UK

Meanwhile a number of faith-based news sites from different parts of the world have picked up the story about a military college on the Mount of Olives, and are encouraging their readers to take action.

These include Ekklesia: Outrage at plans for military base on Mount of Olives, CathNews New Zealand: Mount of Olives military academy prompts protest independent catholic news: HOLY LAND: SACRED SITES IN DANGER – URGENT PETITION, Baptist Times: Baptist Peace Fellowship objects to Mount of Olives military academy proposal, The Friend: Mount of Olives Military base protest, Associated Baptist Press: Military college planned for holy mount

Why not contact the media in your city and ask them to share the news as well? Email peaceonthemount[at] if you’d like tips on how to do this.

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