What can I do?

If you feel, as we do, that the Mount of Olives should not be the location of a military college, here are some things you can do:

  • Israeli citizens had 60 days to voice their objections to plans for a military college on the Mount of Olives, up until mid-December 2012. In this time, an international campaign was also start, to voice the opposition of people of all faiths and none to the plans. This petition is part of that campaign. Although the consultation period has now closed, your support for this petition would still be useful: because the Israeli Ministry of Interior is informed every time the petition is signed, and because signing the online petition will enable you to be updated with future developments on these plans.
  • We have already submitted our petition to the Israeli Ministry of the Interior. If you are interested, this is the text of the petition that was submitted: this petition. You can still sign the online petition (see above for more info).
  • If you are a church, mosque, synanogue or community group and  would like to add a statement to be published on our website, please send us an email at peaceonthemount@riseup.net. We will be very pleased to hear from you.
  • Spread the word: tell people about what is happening and direct them to this site.
  • Tell the media: have you heard about this from the mainstream or religious media? No? So write them an email and tell them about it!
  • Contact your local religious leaders, asking them to spread the word amongst their contacts.

4 Responses to What can I do?

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  2. Bob Gardiner, President of the Baptist Peace Fellowship says:

    I write as President of the Baptist Peace Fellowship to object to the proposal to build a military academy on the sensitive site of the Mount of Olives. This place where Jesus refused to take arms to prevent his arrest by temple guards has long been place of pilgrimage and a symbol of peace. In addition the proposed site lies in an area the responsibility for which has remained disputed for many years and therefore the plan to build a military academy there is also particularly provocative.

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